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What This Is

The following are the terms relating to the Affiliate agreement between Groupia Limited and Affiliate Partners, under which Affiliate may benefit from a commission earning relationship with Groupia Limited. These terms may be found on the Groupia website at A reference to "this agreement" or "the agreement" is a reference to the agreement between Groupia and the Affiliate for an affiliate relationship in relation to a particular website or platform, on and subject to those terms and conditions ("terms").

Who We Are

Groupia Limited is hereinafter referred to as "Groupia" or "we" or "us", (company registration number 04368234 - registered in England & Wales) is a tour operator, travel agent & event company. References herein to "Affiliate" or "you" or "your" are to the Affiliate Partner with whom we enter into an agreement on these terms, from time to time.

This Agreement

By agreement and following approval we'll be setting up a non-exclusive, non-transferable, gross commission based affiliate relationship with you for a qualifying website of your choosing whereby you can earn agreed commission on any revenue generated through your confirmed leads (i.e. net income received by Groupia from Clients as described below. The commission structure of that relationship will depend on which option you've chosen, though these terms will apply in all eventualities.

Commissions & Financial

Linking to Groupia, Restrictions & Confidentiality

Use of Logo, Ownership, Language & Licenses

Passing Off, Media Relations, Advertising, Promotions, Over Marketing & Spam

Passwords, Data Storage & Intellectual Property

Indemnity, Misrepresentation, Damages & Limited Liability

Client Cancellations, Refunds, Force Majeure & Uptime

Governing Law Jurisdiction

Removal & Discontinuation


Doing A Better Job

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