60 Hilarious This or That Questions to Kick the Party into Gear!

This and That

60 Hilarious This or That Questions to Kick the Party into Gear!

Food & Drink This Or That Questions

  • Sweet or Savoury?
  • Tea or Coffee?
  • Breakfast or Dinner?
  • Lunch or Brunch?
  • Indian Takeaway or Chinese Takeaway?
  • Salad or Soup?
  • BBQ or Picnic?
  • Cereal or Toast?
  • Jam or Peanut Butter?
  • Roast Dinner or Full English?

Boozy This or That Questions

  • Beer or Cider?
  • Wine or Prosecco?
  • Red or White?
  • Vodka or Gin?
  • Whiskey or Brandy?
  • Cocktails or Champagne?
  • Pub or Bar?
  • Bar or Club?
  • Night In or Night Out?
  • Saturday Lunch or Saturday Night?

Travel This or That Questions

  • Travelling or All-Inclusive?
  • UK Staycation or Overseas Vacation?
  • Road Trip or Single Destination?
  • Camping or B&B?
  • Romantic Trip or Guys/Girls Weekend?
  • City or Beach?
  • New York or Paris?
  • Rio or Tokyo?
  • Ibiza or Barcelona?
  • Safari or Polar Exploration?

Leisure This or That Questions

  • TV or Book?
  • Facebook or Instagram?
  • Shopping or Sightseeing?
  • Country Walk or City Stroll?
  • Cinema or Theatre?
  • Morning or Evening?
  • Gardening or Cooking?
  • DIY or Get Someone In?
  • Music or Silence?
  • Weekend with Friends or Weekend with Family?

Seasonal This or That Questions

  • Summer or Winter?
  • Spring or Autumn?
  • Birthday or Christmas?
  • Halloween or Bonfire Night?
  • St Patrick’s Day or St George’s Day?
  • Valentine’s Day or April Fool’s Day?
  • Edinburgh Fringe or Notting Hill Carnival?
  • New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?
  • Scorching Sunshine or Silent Snowfall?
  • Pancake Day or Easter Sunday?

Dating This or That Questions

  • Eyes or Smile?
  • Sense of Humour or Sense of Style?
  • Good Looking or Good Personality?
  • Rich or Funny?
  • Quiet or Loud?
  • Good Car or Good Cook?
  • Tattoos or Piercings?
  • Groomed or Unkempt?
  • Tall or Small?
  • Driven or Relaxed?