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  • Market-leaders established in 2002
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Get listed for FREE That's right, we just ask for a reduced rate to easily send bookings to you.

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When you sign up to Groupia, you also get FREE access to our online supplier portal (Groupia Connect), where you can manage all your bookings from one system!

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What others said...

"We have an excellent working relationship and long may that continue."

Sian | CWS Events

"Looking forward to their continued support and bookings in the future years to come."

Will | Max Events

What we need from you...

Preferable rates All we ask for is a slightly reduced rate to start sending your groups.

Your cancellation terms Flexible cancellation terms, we work with some properties at 14 days.

A little paperwork A simple signed Groupia agreement & copies of your PLI & activity information.

Your Questions Answered

Listings with us are FREE, all we ask for is a slightly reduced rate and we charge the client your public rate.

We pride ourselves in being unique and unlike most online booking companies we like to take a personal approach. You will have a direct line to our friendly team who coordinate the groups and bookings for you.

Once you're signed up and have sent across your property details/photos, agreement & insurance docs we can realistically see your page online within 7 days.

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