10 Genuinely Awesome Things to Do in Lockdown

Things to do in Lockdown

10 Genuinely Awesome Things to Do in Lockdown

Let’s channel some positive energy and roundhouse kick boredom blues into the stratosphere with these 10 awesome things to do during Lockdown.
Forget about being ‘stuck inside’, love staying in as you dive into these unique, alternative and sensational hobbies!

1. Make Gin

make ginBoss the botanicals and master the art of gin creation as you try your hand at crafting your own artisanal gin concoctions.

Seriously, is there a better skill to learn during Lockdown? We certainly can’t think of any better. Get yourself the Ultimate Gin Maker’s Kit here.

2. Have an Indoor BBQ

indoor bbqYes, the nights may be drawing in and the weather has dipped to double socks and extra layer(s) territory, but you can still fire up the BBQ and enjoy a monstrous feast.

This smokeless indoor grill allows you to enjoy a sizzling barbeque all year round, summer or winter, rain or shine. Check out this epic Indoor BBQ Grill now.

3. Adult Lego

make legoWho said Lego was just for kids?

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Lego is a brain-stimulating puzzle (just three-dimensional and actually fun), and you can purchase some seriously cool building sets online like a Star Wars Stormtrooper, the Eiffel Tower or even James Bond’s Aston Martin.

4. Become a Photographer

take photosUnleash your camera-snapping abilities and channel your inner creativity by capturing the world around you

Whether that’s restricted to arty shots about the house or on a leisurely, socially-distanced stroll, you’ll be able to capture life’s best moments like a pro. The Nixon D3500 is highly recommended for beginners.

5. Let’s… Play… Darts!

play dartsHone your skills at the oche, so you can clear up when the boozers reopen. Yes, darts is a game of concentration, skill, guile, and it also happens to be loads of fun (bonus!).

A fantastic new hobby to venture into and, hey, when things go back to normal, you could even join your pub team! Grab your own darts set here.

6. Make Your Own Cheese

make ginHost your own private cheese and wine night with cheese you’ve crafted yourself.

Simple instructions, delicious ingredients, incredibly relaxing – it’s brie-lliant fun (not sorry) and very rewarding when you get to dive on in and try some. Get yourself the Ultimate Cheese Making Kit now.

7. Get Fit

get fitIf you can’t go to the gym, you can bring the gym to you with various strengthening, aerobic and toning devices.

If you’re looking to boost your cardio, check out an aerobic stepper or fitness bike; looking to build some muscle, see these great resistance bands. Yes, no excuses now!

8. Retro Gaming

play gamesTransport yourselves back to the glory gaming years with some incredible retro devices. Classics remain classics for a reason (because they’re awesome!) and you’re bound to have fun reliving all your favourite games from days gone by.

Whether you were PS1, Mega Drive, whatever, you can pick one up and grab all your old favourites.


9. Learn Some Magic

card tricksOK, not on the Derren Brown scale of magic, but why not learn a few awesome card tricks, so you can bamboozle your mates when you meet up for a reunion after this all blows over.

Learn fifty of the best card tricks and get ready to baffle, befuddle and bewilder friends and family alike.

10. Learn Poker

play pokerNow don’t go using your newfound sleight of hand from all those card tricks (see above), but you could use the Lockdown time working out how to play the world’s greatest card game.

It’s one of those things everyone says they want to learn, but never get round to doing… well, just do it already! Grab a poker set here.

Beat the boredom blues with these 10 unique, alternative and awesome things to do in Lockdown and enjoy your time spent at home!