10 Unique Gins to Sample During Lockdown

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10 Unique Gins to Sample During Lockdown

Forget thinking about all the things you can’t do during Lockdown, let’s start thinking about all the things you can do during Lockdown.

No, we’re not talking about catching up on housework or sitting about watching Netflix, we’re talking about branching out and broadening your horizons. Opening yourself up to new and exciting worlds… and we’re starting with gin!

Yes, it’s time to break out your botanical comfort zone and explore the incredible array of options on offer.

Tarquin's - Cornish Dry Gin

Best Classic Gin

Tarquin’s – Cornish Dry Gin

Forget Gordon’s, Tanqueray and Beefeater, this is about trying something new, and Tarquin’s is a magnificent alternative to your classic gin concoctions. Created from twelve botanicals from all across the world, you can expect pine notes with a citrus punch and a final floral flourish to knit it all together. Serve with red grapefruit and thyme sprig. Stunning!

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Cotswolds - Wildflower

Best Flavoured Gin

Cotswolds – Wildflower Gin

Boasting lavender notes with orange flavours erupting to the fore, this is springtime in a bottle and will help you bust the Lockdown winter blues in a single sip. Serve over ice with a sizeable orange slice, plus some suitably sensational tonic.

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Herno - Sloe Gin

Best Sloe Gin

Hernö – Sloe Gin

A sensational sloe sipper straight out of Sweden! Made from the finest berries with an expertly-infused splash of honey, this glorious creation is balanced, sweet and the perfect winter cockle warmer. You can enjoy it neat or with a splash of tonic and a sliver of lemon peel.

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Didsbury Gin - Raspberry & Elderflower

Best Pink Gin

Didsbury Gin – Raspberry & Elderflower

Subtle colouration with delicate raspberry and elderflower overtones, this beautiful beverage is refined, elegant and all sorts of delicious. Serve with tonic and garnish with raspberries and lime wedges, or use it as the base to a stunning bramble.

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Caleno - Light & Zesty

Best Non Alcoholic Gin

Caleno – Light & Zesty

If you’re having a Lockdown boozy detox, but still want to enjoy the sensational flavours of a G&T, Caleno have your back with this tongue-tantalising, booze-free delight which has tropical tones and a delicious spicy finish.

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That Boutique-y Gin Company

Best Rhubarb Gin

That Boutique-y Gin Company – Rhubarb Triangle Gin

Consisting exclusively of rhubarb which is grown in the UK Rhubarb Triangle (Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford), this is British gin creation at its very best. Crisp, balanced, with a wonderful rhubarb tang, it’s everything you’d want from a rhubarb gin.

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Aber Falls

Best Orange Gin

Aber Falls – Orange Marmalade

Unorthodox, yes, but downright delicious. Jam-packed (or Marmalade-packed, we should say!) with sweet orange flavours, but also allowing the junipers to shine through, it’s a wonderfully warming concoction we’re big big fans of.

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The Lakes

Best Elderflower Gin

The Lakes – Elderflower Gin Liqueur

This vibrant bottle encapsulates perfectly what is on the inside. Fresh, flavourful and mighty fine, it boasts a delicate elderflower taste with hints of juniper and coriander complementing it in sublime fashion.


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English Drinks Company

Best Lemon Gin

English Drinks Company – Lemon Grove Gin

If you’re partial to all things lemon or have a penchant for citrusy flavour, Lemon Grove Gin by the English Drinks Company is the one for you. Perfect for a classic G&T, you can also throw a slice of lemon in to zest it to new fantastic heights.

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Monkey 47

Best Gin to Drink Neat

Monkey 47 – Schwarzwald Dry Gin

Poured over a singular ice cube this German gin is made up of forty-seven botanicals and simply has to be enjoyed in its purest form. It’s so flavourful you simply don’t need anything else, though, if you insist, it makes an unreal G&T.

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