23 Vodka Quotes to Slam on Your Instagram

Vodka and cocktails

23 Vodka Quotes to Slam on Your Instagram

Improve your Insta game with these funny vodka quotes to get everyone in the spirit of the evening (pun intended) as you start the party in style.

What were you just going to take a boujee snap of your drink and leave it at that?! No, no, no – that’s how a rookie does things.

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If you’re a true vodka lover, you need a certifiably fabulous caption to accompany it.

    • I’d give up vodka, but I’m no quitter!
    • When life gives you lemons, grab the vodka!
    • You know what rhymes with Friday? Vodka.
    • I’m outdoorsy as in I drink vodka in the garden.
    • Don’t worry, don’t cry, drink vodka, and fly!
    • Hand me a vodka and watch me get fabulous!
    • Vodka is just awesome water.
    • Soup of the Day: Vodka.
    • The Vod Squad.
    • I drink vodka twice a year: when it’s my birthday, and when it’s not.
    • Hakuna Ma’ Vodka – It means no worries, for the rest of your night!
    • I tried to say no to a vodka, but it’s 40% stronger than me!
    • Livin’ La Vida Vodka
    • I can’t drink orange juice neat, pass the vodka!
    • I make pour decisions!
    • Eat, Sleep, Voddy, Repeat!
    • Step aside, coffee, this is a job for vodka!
    • Tonight’s forecast: 100% chance of vodka.
    • Every day is National Vodka Day.
    • I NEED A HUGe glass of vodka.
    • I found the vodka; it was hiding in the OJ.
    • Vodka might not be the answer, but it’s worth a shot!
    • Sobriety is not in my vodkabulary

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