5 Sublime Rum Mixers To Try

5 Sublime Rum Mixers To Try

Rum to coke is what gin is to tonic and wine is to, well, more wine! It’s just the perfect blend.

However, there are other stunning rum mixers out there to try if you feel like spicing things up a bit – and speaking of, there are also plenty of great spiced rum mixers, too.

Let’s get Kraken… (not sorry)!

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The 5 Best Rum Mixers On the Market!

Ginger Beer

Rum, ginger beer and a refreshing wedge of lime is a severely underrated combo. Guaranteed to transport you to some far off paradise in a single sip (yes, the perfect antidote to cold British winters), the sweetness of the rum infuses with the tanginess of the ginger beer delightfully.

Pineapple Juice

Both bursting with vibrant tropical flavours, pineapple juice works with the rum to create a sweet treat with an enjoyably sour finish. Used as the base for many a classic cocktail (including everyone’s favourite – the Pina Colada), you don’t have to go OTT with it – just keep it nice and simple.

Orange Juice

Pretty sure you can combine OJ with any spirit and it would infinitely improve your life. OK, maybe not whiskey. Or brandy. OK, it doesn’t work with every spirit, but as rum mixers go it’s a certified belter and deserves all the praise it gets (mainly from us).


Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice – with its ability to turn your mouth inside out with its tartness – will not be for everyone. But if like us you absolutely adore the stuff, and you absolutely adore rum, they are winning combo waiting to be sampled.

Hot Chocolate

Rogue, we know, but if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a treat. A sensational winter warming classic with a little rum twist. Perfect as a spiced rum mixer – whip it up, shut out the cold, grab a blanket and get settled on the sofa.

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