The Ultimate List of the 50 Best Party Ideas for Adults


The Ultimate List of the 50 Best Party Ideas for Adults

Easy, Unusual and Extravagant Ideas for that Next Birthday Bash

Just because you’ve crossed the threshold into adulthood, it doesn’t mean you have to stop having funny, creative and elaborate birthday parties! If anything they should be bigger, bolder and a thousand times more monumental than those of your childhood!

So whoever you’re planning for, whether it’s their 18th or 88th, make it memorable with one of our sublime party ideas for adults!

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

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TV, Film & Musicals

Pick any film or TV show which the birthday boy or girl totally adores, but here are our Top 5 to get the creative juices flowing!

  1. Harry Potter
    ‘You’re a wizard, Harry!’ Cloaks, wands, scars, Voldemort-style bald caps!
  2. Disney
    Prince Charmings and damsels, Pixar characters, movie night!
  3. Rocky Horror
    Raunchy Rocky Horror gear for fans of the Picture House!
  4. Grease
    Go Grease Lightning… Pink Ladies and T Birds
  5. Peaky Blinders
    Blinders’ haircuts, smart suits and glitzy dresses! ‘You’re a Shelby now!’

Tasting Evenings

Get your indulgent on with a sophisticated (or not-so-sophisticated) tasting evening!

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  1. Wine
    Get a variety of reds, whites, rosés, even some champagne if you’re feeling extra fancy!
  2. Gin
    Get everyone to bring a bottle they’ve never tried and mix and match! Check out our blog on How to Host a Gin Tasting at Home.
  3. Beer
    IPAs, EPAs, Stouts, Pilsners, Craft, Saisons, the works!
  4. Cocktail
    Tasting, yes! But the fun of cocktails is the making! Select a few and get crafting!
  5. Cheese
    Everyone loves cheese (surely?!), pair it with wine for the ultimate tasting session!

Decade Parties

Party like it’s 1999… or 1929, or 1954, or… oh, you get the idea!

  1. The 1920s
    Gatsby-themed 1920 party! Check out our Quickstep Guide to a Roaring 1920s Themed Party.
  2. The 1950s
    The decade of Elvis, Monroe, Teddy Boys and Greasers!
  3. The 1960s
    Peace and love! The dawn of the hippy! ‘Groovy, baby!’
  4. The 1990s
    Fresh Prince, Blur, Spice Girls, Oasis, Cool Brittania, Brit Pop!
  5. The Noughties
    Think Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Busted and Black Eyed Peas!
1920s woman


Sunshine = Party Time! Get outside and soak up some summer rays with these alfresco party ideas!

  1. Festival
    Check out our at-home festival party ideas guide!
  2. Glamping
    Camping elevated to new (and comfortable) heights!
  3. Picnic
    Wicker baskets, chequered blankets and an array of tasty treats!
  4. Hawaiian Luau
    Throw a paradise-themed Hawaiian BBQ with our helpful guide!
  5. Summer Fete
    Tombolas, hook the duck, apple bobbing, bowls and bunting!
festival woman


Throw an Olympic-sized soiree or dial it back to the glory school sports days for a hilarious, all-action competition!

  1. Retro School Sports Day
    100m Dash, Relay, Egg and Spoon, Wheelbarrow, Sack Race. So on and so forth!
  2. Football
    Full kits (yes, shin pads too), referees, penalty shootouts, you could even have a match!
  3. Olympics
    Pick your countries, dress up in the colours – merge it with a retro sports day for the best results!
  4. Golf
    Full golfing attire, pub golf cards, or even go for a round! ‘Foooooore!’
  5. Wimbledon
    Tennis gear, strawberries and cream, and ‘champagne, darling!’


A throwback to those good old care-free days!

  1. Cowboys & Cowgirls
    Jeans, leather belts, massive buckles, cowboy hat – Woody from Toy Story!
  2. Circus
    Face paints, clown costumes, juggling!
  3. School Disco
    Uniforms – OK, we know only losers wore uniforms to the disco, but it’s not an actual school disco!
  4. Pirate Party
    Ahoy, landlubbers! Eye patches, hooks and pirate hats!
  5. Where’s Wally?
    Round spectacles, matching red and white striped hats and t-shirts.


Go global with and celebrate like our international brothers and sisters!

  1. Day of the Dead
    Skull face paint, skeletons, sombreros!
  2. Bollywood
    Belly dance-style, colourful garments!
  3. Mardi Gras
    Carnival attire – colours, beads, masks!
  4. Around the World Party
    Everyone chooses their own country and dresses up in the national clobber!
  5. Oktoberfest
    Lederhosen, Bavarian Dresses and lots of German beer!


If the person is one of those enviously talented, creative types (or even if they’re the exact opposite), let them show off their skills with one of our imaginative party ideas.

  1. Bob Ross Paint Party
    Channel your inner Bob Ross and paint along to a classic show!
  2. Bake Off Party
    Get everyone to bring a bake and do a blind judge of each!
  3. Anything But Clothes
    Make an outfit out of anything but clothes!
  4. Jewellery Making
    Make a bespoke bracelet or glitzy earrings with an at-home jewellery making kit!
  5. Pottery Painting
    Get some plain ceramic mugs/plates/bowls and get painting!


Rather than big and extravagant, go soft and subtle with one of our cute party ideas.

  1. Slumber Party
    Pyjamas, films, wine, truth or dare!
  2. Afternoon Tea
    Cake, finger sandwiches, tea – or prosecco if you’re feeling fancy!
  3. Makeover
    Get glammed up with the girls with an at-home makeover party!
  4. Dance
    Put on a dancing clinic as you learn the moves to your favourite tune!
  5. Pamper
    And relaaaaax! Host a pamper party to soothe your souls!
Afternoon Tea

Freshers’ Week

Classic Freshers’ themes to hark back to those uni days or an opportunity to experience them if you didn’t go the first time around!

  1. Togas
    Toga, Toga, Toga! No further explanation needed!
  2. Librarians & Barbarians
    Geeks and cavepeople!
  3. Smurfs
    Blue bodypaint and white hats!
  4. Baywatch
    Beach attire!
  5. Charity Shop Finds
    You can only wear items purchased from a Charity Shop!