14 Quirky and Cool Pint Glasses to Elevate Your Beer Drinking Experience

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14 Quirky and Cool Pint Glasses to Elevate Your Beer Drinking Experience

There and some things in life that are a little underwhelming but you put up with them anyway – Meal Deal sandwiches, every secret Santa gift you’ve ever been given, any Adam Sandler film… the list goes on.

But if there’s one thing you should never put up with it’s an underwhelming pint glass!

Nothing can sully the beer drinking experience more than a boring sub-standard drinking-vessel which has long outstayed its welcome.

Give the gift of unparalleled happiness this Lockdown/Christmas with these alternative, quirky and pretty damn cool pint glasses.

Perfect Gifts For Lockdown and Christmas

Personalised pint

Personalised Pint Glass

We’ll ease you into the list before the weirder pint glasses come into play with a cool personalised number. Thoughtful, bespoke and perfect for any beer enthusiast. Truly something they’ll treasure forever.

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Skull Pint

Skull Pint Glass

Skull pint glasses are not just for Halloween, they’re for a year-round epic drinking experience! This gothic-inspired vessel is a seriously cool twist on tradition with a gnarly design which has been chillingly crafted. They’ve also added a handle so you don’t warm your beer grabbing the glass – winner!

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Strobe Pint

Strobe Pint Glass

Kickstart the party (or liven up those quiet Lockdown evenings) with your own strobe beer glass. This battery-powered pint glass has four separate light settings perfect for every mood (well, if you only have four moods!). Eat, sleep, strobe pint, repeat!

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Boot Pint

Boot Beer Glass

A shoe-in for success… bootiful on the eye… a gift for your sole mate… OK, we’ll leave that there, but this quirky boot-shaped beer glass is a great novelty gift for your beer-loving friend, family member, colleague, shoeshiner!

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Stein Pint

Two Pint Stein Glass

What’s better than one pint? You got it – two pints! And what’s better than two glasses? One glass! Yes, forget getting up every time you need another beer as your other beer will already be in your glass. It’s dream living in action!

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Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick Glass

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Listen up Rick & Morty fans, if you don’t have this awesome Pickle Rick glass in your life, can you truly say you’re a fan of both beer and Rick & Morty?! No, obviously you cannot, you’re a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself. Get yours now!

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Black Label

Black Label Beer Glass

This seriously cool designer beer glass is a suave and funky spin on your classic pint holder made with stunning crystal glass. It also comes with five beer mats so you can protect your precious surfaces from dreaded beer rings.

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Ice Tankard

Ice Tankard Beer Glass

Throw out your peas and bin those boring fishcakes – beer drinking has been revolutionised and taken to new heady heights. This awesome ice tankard allows you to keep your beer ice-cold even in the height of summer or when you’ve just got back from the shops and not had time to throw them in the fridge!

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The Shining

The Shining Beer Glass

Here’s Johnny… with your beer! Perfect for fans of one of the greatest horror films of all time, a tribute to Jack Nicholson and Stephen King, it’s the best kind of movie memorabilia as you can combine it with life’s other great shining ray of light – beer. “I could Redrum a pint right now!!”

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Corona Pint

Corona Pint Glass

Corona drinkers are always slurping straight from the bottle! You never see them decant them into a suitably stylish vessel. Well, now they’ve got no excuses as they can pour it into a Corona pint glass. And, what’s more, they can fit a fair few in at one time!


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Chemistry Beer Glass

Hold your horses, this isn’t some dorky ale drinker’s glass. This fine beer holder is etched with beer and hop molecules as well as taste descriptions to help you identify certain flavours in your beverage.

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Giant Wine

Giant Wine Glass

OK, this isn’t a beer glass, but who wouldn’t want to own a wine glass which can hold an entire bottle of vino. No more getting up and down to top up your drink, just plonk yourself on the sofa and settle in for the evening.

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Childish Pint

Childish Beer Glass

Some say childish, others say funny! Hey, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to facilitate fun and the enjoyment of a delicious beer. And this great glass is stein-sized so you can squeeze in more booze for your hard-earned buck!

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