HOT, HOT, HOT! 10 Fiery & Delicious Hot Sauces to Spice Up Your Lockdown Grub

10 of the best chilli sauces

HOT, HOT, HOT! 10 Fiery & Delicious Hot Sauces to Spice Up Your Lockdown Grub

Hot sauce enthusiasts are everywhere and if you’re reading this and you aren’t one, firstly, you’re missing out, and secondly, we guarantee you’ll know someone who’s big on spice and big on flavours.

So here at Party On, we’ve gone and compiled a list of some of the hottest, tastiest and certifiably badass spicy sauces on the market, so you can add a little (or a lot) of spice to your Lockdown grub.

10 of the Best Hot Sauces

Aloha 65

Aloha 65

This spicy pineapple relish is not only downright delicious, but it also leaves a satisfying tingle on the lips. Yes, not one to blow your head off, it’s all about sensational flavours. And, hey, being pineapple flavoured, you can douse it on your pizza… right? OK, just the BBQ it is!

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Queen Majesty

Queen Majesty – Red Habanero & Black Coffee Hot Sauce

As the name suggests, this sensational hot sauce not only has a habanero kick, but it also has coffee undertones bringing a new depth of flavour to the fore. You’ll get an instant heat hit, but this chills out pretty quick. A good one for hot sauce newbies.

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Da Bomb

Da Bomb Hot Sauce

Made famous by the sensational YouTube Channel ‘Hot Ones’, Da Bomb hot sauce is dubbed ‘Beyond Insanity’ for a reason. Seriously, go steady, this stuff is off-the-scale spicy (OK, it’s still on the Scoville scale – we were just trying to add a little drama and pizazz to proceedings). A true taste explosion!

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Bonnie Sauce

Bonnie Sauce Co. – Smoky Chipotle Hot Sauce

Smoky with a chipotle twang, this moderately spicy sauce is relatively easygoing if you’re after a bit more flavour and a little less heat. It is also a nice, slightly thicker consistency making it great for dipping, dunking and slopping!

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Psycho Juice

Psycho Juice – 70% Ghost Pepper Killer Hot Sauce

The hurt is real! Everything you really need to know about this one is in the title. No need to overdo it, a couple of dabs will do. Yes, very spicy, however a hot sauce connoisseur’s dream with a wonderful taste and sour notes seeping through.

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Tapatio – Salsa Picante Hot Sauce

Low heat with great taste. As the salsa name suggests it’s ideal for nachos, chips or to cover over some roasted veg. It’s got a smokier flavour in comparison to some of its classic hot sauce counterparts, but that just elevates it in our opinion.

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Dr Trouble

Dr Trouble – Hot Lemon Chilli Sauce

Spicy with a citrusy bite, Dr Trouble’s Hot Lemon Chilli Sauce is made with 70% fresh lemons giving it a sensationally sour kick. It’s also wonderfully warming without causing havoc with your taste buds. Zest up your life with this sublime creation!

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Tan Rosie

Tan Rosie’s – Garlic & Pepper Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce

The perfect balance between garlic flavours and fiery sensations. Tan Rosie’s awesome chilli sauce is ideal for dipping pizza crusts and is equally as spectacular when used to marinade an assortment of meats. Versatile and worth a trial!

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Hot Sauce Gift Sets

Edinburgh Perserves

Edinburgh Preserves – Hot & Spicy Sauces

The perfect Christmas gift for hot chilli sauce lovers. Featuring Habanero, Thai Sriracha, Caribbean, Indian Naga, Jalapeno, Cajun and Teriyaki, there’s something for all tastes. They’re not all spicy spicy, but they’re certainly all tasty tasty.

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Spice Seekers

Spice Seekers – Mega Chilli Sauce Taster Set

Don’t quite know where you land when it comes to hot sauce? Don’t quite know what flavours or heat you can handle? Well, grab yourself this awesome chilli sauce taster set and work your way through an amazing range of tastes and heats to find your position in amongst the hot sauce family.

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Hot Sauce Challenge Game

Got Sauce Roulette

PureBred Idiot – Hot Sauce Roulette

If you’re looking for some hot sauce for a fiery chilli tasting challenge, why not grab yourself this hilariously fun and truly tongue-twisting hot sauce roulette game! Have you got the buds to handle the heat?

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