Beauty is in the Mix – 15 Flavourful Gin Mixers for you to Sample

The 15 Most Flavourful Gin Mixers for you to Sample

Beauty is in the Mix – 15 Flavourful Gin Mixers for you to Sample

There’s more to gin than a G&T!

OK… you may find that hard to believe, a perfectly executed gin and tonic is very tough to beat, but there are many other delicious combinations out there to try.

And to prove it we’ve been on a concocting mission to find the best of the best gin mixers on the market for you to enjoy on your next botanical evening.

Let the fun be-gin!

Bitter Lemon

A beautifully bitter, citrusy twist on your classic G&T.

Bitter lemon offers a zinging alternative to tonic water and it’s fabulously refreshing.

Lime Cordial/Juice

Many stunning gin-based cocktails include either lime cordial or lime juice for a lively palate teaser.

The Gimlet, Blighty (a mojito but with gin instead of rum) and Singapore Sling are all top-drawer lime-gin combos to check out.

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A traditional partner of rum and whiskey, perhaps surprisingly, coke also infuses fantastically with gin – particularly if you add a wedge of lime to it.

It’s one of those people don’t believe until they try it, but it’s a real gamechanger.

Champagne (or Prosecco)

A classy, sophisticated, if not slightly more extravagant option, Champagne or Prosecco brings gin to life with its delicious, effervescent qualities.

The French 75 is a wonderful cocktail to try if you are yet to do so.

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Botanically on point, elderflower cordial is an excellent addition to everyone’s favourite spirit and with the ever-expanding range of gins on offer, you can now get elderflower-infused gin for extra floral zest.

Lemon Juice

Similar to its citrus counterpart, lemon juice is a key component in many, many amazing gin cocktails.

A Bramble, French 75, Red Snapper, Tom Collins, Bee’s Knees – all these big hitters are suped-up with a splash or two of lemon juice.

Lemonade/Pink Lemonade

One you’ve probably tried before, lemonade is another excellent tonic substitute offering a sweeter alternative to the classic gin accompaniment.

For a splash of colour, plump for pink lemonade to elevate it to new Insta-worthy looks levels.

Ginger Beer

Another mixer often associated with other spirits is the mighty ginger beer which frequently gets overlooked as an excellent addition to gin.

Bring a Caribbean-tasting twist to this Great British classic.

Pineapple Juice

Sippin’ on gin and juice!

Fruit juices of all shapes and flavours can work spectacularly with gin, but pineapple has to be the pinnacle.

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit is a fantastic garnish to certain gins, so why not up the ante and add in the juice for extra grapefruit goodness.

Maybe a love it or hate it scenario as many people find grapefruit too bitter, but if you’re a fan you simply have to give it a go.


Soda Water

A fantastically simple addition, but excellent if you really want the flavour of the gin to shine through.

Also delicious if you choc it full of mint sprigs, lime and cucumber.

Tomato Juice

The gin twist on a Bloody Mary – the Red Snapper is a belting brunch beverage and a great substitute for gin lovers.

Cranberry Juice

On the grapefruit level of tartness, cranberry juice is a sharp-tasting blend which will put a zing in your step and a tang on your tongue.

Apple Juice

Complementing gin brilliantly, apple juice can be enjoyed ice-cool or even slightly warm with some added spice thrown in for good measure.


Yes, we’re not going omit this classic just because it’s popular.

There are so many varieties these days, too, your classic G&T can take on many new and exotic forms.