Winter Camping Gear for a Post-Lockdown Getaway

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Winter Camping Gear for a Post-Lockdown Getaway

“Camping? In the winter? Pull the other one it’s got sleigh bells on!”

Hang on, hear us out…

We admit, a warm summer camping trip sounds very inviting; a cool December outdoors staycation… less so!

But what’s better than a crisp winter hike? A warm cup of coffee out in the open air? Marshmallows toasting whilst you sit about a campfire sharing stories and enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine?

Yes, all you need is to plan ahead and you can enjoy all the pros of camping in the depths of winter! So, here at Party On, we’ve put together a list of winter camping essentials so you can end 2020 with a bang with a stunning UK staycation.


Winter Camping Tent

No, any old tent won’t do, you need one specifically geared to keep the elements at bay when you’re heading off on your December adventure. This lightweight winter camping tent is perfect – it’s easy to carry, wind-resistant, waterproof, it even boasts a snow skirt if the UK weather takes a serious turn, plus it has a mesh inside which helps to improve the thermal performance!

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Sleeping bag

Winter Sleeping Bag

Our first pick is this top tier sleeping bag which was designed in Scotland, so you’ll know from that alone it’ll be able to stand even the harshest of climates. If it’s looking like it’ll be particularly chilly, this is the one to plump for as it will comfortably keep you nice and toasty in temps of -5, and even has an extreme temperature limit of -31. Not that you’ll push it to its limit in the UK… hopefully.

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Warm sleeping bag

Winter Sleeping Bag

If it’s not looking like it’s going to plunge into sub-zero territory, this comfy Mummy Sleeping Bag will do the business between 0-10 degrees. It’s got a drawstring hood so your head isn’t left exposed as you find with many summertime sleeping pods.

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Winter roll mat

Winter Roll Mat

Roll mats are particularly important in winter camping because the ground can freeze and become harder than concrete. Ditch the paper-thin napkins and get yourself this comfy inflatable bed. It blows up in just eight-twelve puffs and is incredibly durable.

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Winter Roll Mat Topper

If you’re still concerned about the nighttime temperature, this cheap reflective roll mat topper is the perfect insulator keeping all the warmth in. It’s also water-resistant and compact making it easy to store. A small addition which provides big results.

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Winter Camping Stove

Boasting a built-in fan guard to protect the flame from the wind, this handy, compact stove works well in cold temps and is perfect for heating a roasting cup of coffee and will comfortably hold a full-size pan for a hearty pre-hike breakfast.

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Wind Break

Camping Stove Windbreak

If you’ve already got a stove you think will do the business, but you’re worried about the winter wind snuffing the flames out every five seconds, grab yourself this handy camping stove windshield to keep the water bubbling and the food sizzling. Cheap, compact and it’ll save you an awful lot of hassle.

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Cookwear Set

Camping Cookware Set

If you are a complete camping novice and don’t have any cooking equipment at all, this great cookware set will set you up nicely, featuring a mini stove, two non-stick pots, cutlery, a steel cup and more.

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Mini Heater

Outdoor Mini Heater

Perfect if you’re unable to get the campfire going, this great little heater kicks out a lot of warmth so you can sit out at night swapping tales and enjoying some stargazing with a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer.

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Lighted Hat

Lighted Beanie

Not only does it keep your bonce nice and warm, but it’s got a handy light on the front which is ideal in the dark early evenings. You’re gonna need both hands for the cooking and how are you supposed to hold a beer, a burger and a torch all in one go? It’s just not possible. So ditch the torch and get this handy hat instead!

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