The 18 Must-Have Travel Gadgets for 2021!

The 18 Must-Have Travel Gadgets for 2021!

The 18 Must-Have Travel Gadgets for 2021!

Who doesn’t love heading off on holiday?

  • You get a bit of time off work
  • You get to escape the daily commute
  • You get to head off on a new, exciting adventure

… there are a few downsides, though!

  • Negotiating the airport
  • Packing
  • Sorting transport

Make your life a little easier and remove some of the stress and hassle with the help of these handy travel gadgets – for every problem, there’s a gadget to sort it!

Please note: all prices correct at the time of writing, please check individual websites for latest prices.

Best Travel Gadgets for Packing

Portable Luggage Scale >

Portable Luggage Scale

£7.95 | Amazon | Buy Now

The last thing you need is to get to the airport and find your luggage exceeds the weight limit meaning you have to shell out even more money (or quickly put on every item of clothing you own in order to bring it down!).

With this portable travel scale, you’ll avoid any nasty surprises at the airport and potentially save yourselves a whole chunk of change.

Suitcase Locks >


£7.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

Annoyingly, now and again, luggage does end up getting lost. And annoyingly, now and again, the way the airport workers chuck them around, they have been known to burst open.

Ensure your luggage stays tightly shut with these handy security padlocks, so if it gets misplaced, lost or mishandled, nobody is getting in and nothing is getting out!

Travel Pouches >

Travel pouches

£9.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

It’s a dilemma that happens all the time, yet people never seem to have the foresight to consider it before they leave…

Yes, we’re talking about keeping your clean clothes separated from your laundry.

Especially if you’re one of those who lives out of their suitcase rather than unpacking (you know who you are!), you don’t want to be having to do the sniff test to figure out whether you’ve worn said item of clothing or not.

With these handy Travel Pouches, you can keep all your stuff separate making it easy, ordered and stress-free!

Compression Packing Cubes >

travel bags

£20.13 | Etsy | Buy Now

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Reducing packing by up to 30%, these handy compression packs condense your luggage so you don’t have to lug around a hefty suitcase.

You could even end up compressing it so it fits in as a carry on rather than having to pay extra for your checked luggage.

Shirt Carrier >

Shirt Carrier

£29.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

Got an important meeting and can’t run the risk of having a shirt riddled with creases?

This brilliant shirt carrier ensures your pristinely ironed shirt won’t get battered about in your suitcase as its hard casing is designed to protect them against all manner of bump and squishes.

Best Travel Gadgets for Flying

Airports are stressful places at the best of times, and flying can be a pain in the neck (particularly if you don’t have a comfy travel pillow), so grab some handy travel gadgets to make the process a whole lot more bearable.

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs >

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs

£9.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

Ideal for long flights or to drown out the shouts of noisy kids, an eye mask and earplugs are a simple addition yet they can really help you switch off and unwind as you daydream of sunning yourself on the beach!

Travel Wallet >

Travel Wallet

£12.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

Forget scrabbling about trying to find your passport, tickets and travel docs which you’ve inevitably placed in differing pockets. Keep them all together in one handy wallet so you know exactly where they are at all times.

Travel Pillow >

Travel Pillow

£23.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

There are travel pillows, and there are travel pillows – this one is in the super comfy latter.

Yeah, don’t just buy the cheapest one you find (or an overpriced one from the airport), treat yourself to this plush memory foam number to guarantee a comfortable flight.  

Carry On Cocktail Kit >

Carry On Cocktail Kit

£25.00 | Amazon | Buy Now

Want to travel in style without having to fork out for business class?

This cool little carry on cocktail kit is great for adding a little stylish twist to your flight, plus it’s a great little nerve settler for anyone scared of flying.

Kindle >


£119.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

Forget taking loads of heavy books with you, when you can have a whole library at your fingertips with the brilliant Amazon Kindle.

Lightweight, stylish and long battery life… ideal!

Plus, with all that weight you’ll save, you’ll be able to stock up on even more souvenirs.

Best Travel Gadgets for the Other End

Elevate your holiday to new heights with the addition of these awesome travel gadgets which will really enhance that vacation experience.

Wireless Speaker >

Wireless Speaker

£13.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

Small, compact, great sound – this portable speaker is ideal for putting on a few tunes in your hotel before you head off for that big night out, or for when you’re chilling on the beach sunning yourselves with an ice-cool beverage.

Personalised Sunglasses Case >

Personalised Sunglasses Case

£14.50 | Etsy | Buy Now

Why do most of us neglect our sunglasses more so than actual spectacles?!

Keep them in good nick with your own personalised glasses case to avoid scratches and scrapes (particularly if they cost you a quid or two).

Portable Phone Charger >

Portable Phone Charger

£14.98 | Amazon | Buy Now

When you’re snapping all those stunning sights all day, you’ll rinse through your battery in no time.

With this handy portable charger, you can juice up your phone on the go, meaning you won’t have to take a detour back to your hotel for a few hours just to get it back to life.


Universal Plug Adaptor >

Universal Plug Adaptor

£20.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

It can be a nightmare trying to work out what plug type the country you’re visiting uses.

So take the hassle out of it completely by buying a universal adapter that works in 150+ countries worldwide!

WiFi Hotspot >

WiFi Hotspot

£43.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

No one wants to rinse their data whilst they’re abroad, particularly if there are roaming charges, so grab yourself a personal WiFi hotspot so you can stay connected with the wider world and upload all your stunning snaps to social media in a flash.

Weird And Wonderful Travel Gadgets

As well as some of the best travel gadgets which solve reoccurring travel problems, these quirky travel gadgets are perfect for those unexpected issues which crop up from time to time.

Telescopic Back Scratcher >


£4.90 | Amazon | Buy Now

Got an itch you can’t quite scratch?!

Well, now you can scratch until your heart’s content with your very own telescopic back scratcher.

Wine Bag >


£59.95 | Amazon | Buy Now

Imagine being out and about and not being able to get a glass of wine anywhere?!

We know… horrendous!

Make sure you don’t get caught short with these stylish wine bags which hold up to two bottles in each!

Ostrich Pillow >

Ostrich Pillow

£69.99 | Amazon | Buy Now

Sometimes we all want to go stick our head in the sand somewhere and get away from it all… and now you can with the brilliant Ostrich Pillow which allows you to block out the rest of the world and get and comfy, relaxing nap.