Your Ultimate Guide to an ’80s Theme Party!


Your Ultimate Guide to an ’80s Theme Party!

Big hair, bright colours, bold outfits – what’s not to love about the ’80s?!

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive and speedy theme to lift your party to new levels of memorable, you can stop your search here!

The era of MJ, Madonna, Prince and Whitney is a fab throwback that everyone can get involved in with minimal effort.

So pop on a headband to keep that ’80s perm out of your eyes, and check out our simple guide to throwing your very own ’80s party.

… And if you’re not a fan of the ’80s, you can BEAT IT!

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1980s Themed Party Ideas

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The ’80s was an explosion of bright popping colours as the fashion scene ventured into new areas of outrageous!

For your ’80s themed party you can have the dress code as simple as BRIGHT COLOURS!

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But, more specifically, this was the era of loud legwarmers, vibrant tracksuits and fluorescent headbands!

For guys, jean jackets became big (but please, please avoid double denim!) as well as leather trousers and ray bans thanks to Top Gun!

If you want to go even louder (yes, it’s possible), Punk fashion was still going strong.

Yes, we’re talking Doc Martens, leather skirts and trousers, studded belts, flannel shirts, spiked hair, the lot!

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Alternatively (even more alternatively than punk), the ’80s was the dawning of a load of pop culture themes we still love today, so why not throw out a few of these into the mix and see what people go for:

  • Star Wars
  • Top Gun
  • Indiana Jones
  • E.T.
  • Pacman
  • Donkey Kong
  • Rubix Cubes

Ah yes, Ewoks and Aliens, we can see it now!

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Whilst the fashion in the ’80s was fierce, the hair… less so!

Monumental perms were all the rage for the girls, whilst, for the guys…

… mullets.

Now, no matter how persuasive you are, you might be hard-pressed to get any of the guys to grow out a Joe Exotic style hairdo for your ’80s event.

So maybe suggest the slick back look or the George Michael quiff to be on the safe side!


Much like the outfits – big, bright neon colours are the order of the day!


From table decorations, to glow sticks, to Rubix Cubes, you can deck out your venue in the ’80s style in no time.

You could even put up a few posters of the best bands and artists of the time.


You could make a playlist of your favourite artists from the ’80s, but why waste your time doing that when we’ve gone and sorted one for you!

Check out Party On’s moonwalk-provoking, mullet-banging, ’80s Party Playlist for the biggest bangers of the decade.

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If you fancy throwing in some ’80s party games and entertainment into proceedings, there’s plenty you can do if you fancy getting creative.
Here are some of our favourites when we’re throwing our own ’80s night:

  • ’80s Karaoke
  • ’80s Quiz
  • Moonwalking Contest
  • Twister
  • Best Dressed Competition
  • Pacman, Donkey Kong or Tetris (if you have the technology!)

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