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So, you're planning a party, that's some pretty exciting stuff! At Groupia, we've got party brains bursting with ideas for any birthday weekend and are sure to find something to suit a celebration of any kind. We specialise in planning for people who might have it all, but who haven't done it all - and you're sure to find an activity, getaway or adventure on our lengthy list that'll surprise the birthday guy or girl.

Birthday experiences are where it's at and you'll be receiving gleeful thank-yous before, during and long, long after! Birthdays are super special and a time to bring together friends and family to celebrate. Yeah, material presents are nice, but gifts that'll last a lifetime are even better.

What's Your Style

If you know who you're planning for inside and out, then we've made pinning down the perfect trip even easier with a range of categories.

Adventure birthday ideas


"To live will be an awfully big adventure" - J.M Barrie. We don't think Peter Pan ever booked with Groupia, but if he did, we know he'd white-knuckle it in Wales, go mad in Munich or crazy in Krakow. An adventure a day keeps the wrinkles away and all that. If your group are up for a little bravery and a lot of fun, then take a look at our adventure activities that'll be sure to satisfy all adventure-craving soon to be somethings.


Did you grow up loving Harry Potter? Or maybe you obsess over the '90s? If Game of Thrones is your thang, or The Walking Dead turned you into a TV zombie, then check out our themed packages that are ideal for birthday weekends where fancy dress is a pre-arranged must-have. Base your bash around a favourite movie or music-hero - just ask our specialists who can direct you to an option that fits your desired theme.

Themed birthday ideas
Pampering birthday ideas

Pamper weekends / chillax

Wow, growing up is hard. Tax returns, gas bills and Brexit boredom are all part and parcel of 21st-century life now, but you can catch a break, we promise. A good and proper pamper sesh sounds like a banging birthday idea to escape from everyday life. This is the big day, after all, and you deserve something special to bring in another year of adulting. Massages are a classic pamper day special, but you can add to your weekend with makeovers, manicures and pedicures that are perfect for getting party-ready on the big day. Hitting the spa is the ultimate de-stress and fun all-round as a getaway or just to get away from it all for a couple of hours with best friends.


Competition comes in all shapes and sizes: vying for a decent pay rise, most followers on social media or even playing in a 5-a-side team every Wednesday. It's human nature to compete, so why not add a sprinkling of friendly competition to a birthday weekend where the top prize is bragging rights and the consolation-prize comes with a hilarious forfeit? Go-karting, watersports, target shooting or Bubble Football are great for some friend-on-friend rivalry. Or work together in an Escape Room fantasy to crack some codes and make some winning memories whilst you're at it.

Competitive birthday ideas
Unique & unusual birthday ideas


New crazes and trends seem to be popping up every day in this new world where the next best thing is long forgotten a week later. So, in order to make a birthday trip stand out, you've got to be thinking outside the box. Luckily for you, outside the box is our area of expertise as our destination experts are always on the hunt for unique and unusual experiences that'll be sure to surprise even the most quirky of birthday celebrators.

Food & Drink

The ultimate birthday weekend includes a generous dollop of excellent food and maybe a little too much to drink. Plenty of our packages include a meal or drinks deal addition so you won't waste precious time wandering around trying to find WiFi to search the best restaurants or bars in the city. We've chosen some of the best foodie hotspots so you don't have to rely on amateur Trip Advisor reviews. We'll drink to that!

Food & drink birthday ideas

We've Got Your Back!

We know how special a birthday weekend needs to be and we're guessing you want to plan a bash that'll trounce the last. Our destination experts try every trip, stay at every hotel and have experienced every activity (what a chore!) so they know the ins and outs of every package.

Our suppliers know our high standards and give us the best deals around so you get plenty of birthday bash for your cash.

Taking the lead on birthday organisation can be a daunting venture, but whether you welcome the challenge or feel a little lost, we'll make sure you have a helping hand throughout the booking process.

Life can be a little unexpected sometimes and throw a few curveballs, but we're ABTA protected to give your trip financial security.