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40th Birthday Trip Ideas

Unique ideas are more than welcome at Groupia, so if you've got a wild idea for a 40th birthday experience, get in touch and we can help craft the crazy into the perfect trip with a personal twist. Your challenge is to outdo the 30th, right? Well, we're here to help with a list to get the cogs turning. And remember, no idea is a bad idea (except maybe white water rafting in the Sahara!).

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For one-off 40th birthday adventures, check out our activity site AdventureClick!

Yacht Charter Birthday

The 9 Best 40th Birthday Activities

  • Yacht Charter - Get away from it all with some serious relaxation.
  • Afternoon Tea - An indulgent way to spend an afternoon dining in style!
  • Hovercraft Experience - Channel your inner Bond and tame these chaotic machines.
  • Ultimate Zip Wire - Fly down the mountainside on Europe's longest zip wire.
  • Champagne Tasting - A fun activity full of fizz where you might even learn a thing or two.
  • Tipsy Tea - Afternoon tea is a chill-out staple, so why not add some booze for a tipsy addition?
  • Pottery Workshop - Get messy and maybe make a masterpiece!
  • Trabant Tour - Kick your 40th birthday into top gear.
  • Paragliding - The (literal) high of your unique birthday trip.

The 9 Best 40th Birthday Destinations

  • Budapest - Shopping, spas and sophisticated bars.
  • Reykjavik - Do something special with spectacular sights and unforgettable experiences.
  • Barcelona - The birthday trip dream for lovers of romance and amazing food.
  • Split - Head to Croatia for a sublime 40th getaway!
  • Valencia - Home of premium activities by the stunning bright-blue Med.
  • Riga - An alternative choice for a unique experience!
  • Bath - See the Roman Baths, Royal Crescent and come say hi to us in our office!
  • Oxford - A trip where opulence is at the centre of everything.
  • London - You're spoilt in the capital where shopping, food and accommodation are a triple threat.
Budapest Birthday Destination

A Guide To Your 40th Birthday Weekend

Just the usual 'drinks and dinner' won't cut it for this birthday landmark, we're afraid. It's their 40th birthday and that's a challenge to make it the best trip yet. Surprises are fun no matter your age, so whether you want to book a firm fave or try something new, give the gift of experience... because being a material girl or boy was so 80's.


At 40, you take self-care to a new level. This wellbeing trend speaks to you now more than ever, and turning 40 solidifies you as someone who knows what their mind and body need. This is what makes a 40th birthday celebration great: you know what you want, and God knows you've worked hard for it, so take a break.

People Pleasing

A solid group of friends and a firm family base are another reason to celebrate the start of your forties flamboyantly. No need to worry about people-pleasing politics - you can do what you love because they're likely to love it too!

'It's All Downhill From Here'

Only if you book a skiing trip. Or you're squealing down a waterslide. Or if your new favourite wine bar is on a slope.

Social Media Mishaps

Social media probably doesn't ruin your life like it does the generations to follow in your shadow. You don't get caught up being snap happy for your carefully curated Instagram when you should be enjoying the moment. A birthday getaway means more to you than most.

Who Cares?!

You've learned to shush the self-doubt or body-consciousness that perhaps plagued you as a teen or 20-something. Not caring is liberating and opens up a whole new world of adventure. You're free to do anything, so with our huge variety of 40th birthday celebration ideas, do something that your younger self wouldn't have dared.

What Makes Us Experts on 40th Birthday Celebrations?