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30th Birthday Trip Ideas

The world is a very big place with a lot of destinations to choose from when planning a birthday trip. This can be daunting, but don't panic: we're experts. The best thing to do is consider both your head and heart. If it fits your timescale, budget and means something special, it's bound to smash expectations.

Search By Destination

For one-off 30th birthday adventures, check out our activity site AdventureClick!

Spa Day Birthday

The 9 Best 30th Birthday Activities

  • Spa Day - The perfect girls' get-together or couples' retreat for some serious relaxation.
  • Paintball - Competitive fun for getting dirty-ish on your thirtieth!
  • Escape Room - Do you have what it takes to crack the code?
  • Bubble Football - An inflatable twist on your weekly 5-a-side.
  • Punting - Explore the city by river with a cocktail or glass of Champagne.
  • Inflatable Games - Carnage of the best kind with hilarious outfits and obstacles.
  • Stadium Tour - Behind the scenes access to some of the best grounds in the world.
  • Axe Throwing - Utterly unique and certifiably awesome!
  • Mobile Pamper Party - Why go to the pamper-sesh when the pamper-sesh can come to you?

The 9 Best 30th Birthday Destinations

  • Barcelona - Style, sun and a hotspot for summer fun.
  • Berlin - Soak up the history (and a couple of craft pints).
  • Prague - The perfect mix of culture and vibrant nightlife.
  • Bristol - Our most booked UK destination.
  • Dublin - The home of Guinness, what other reason do you need?
  • Lisbon - A seriously underrated city with loads to see and explore.
  • Ibiza - If you don't go here once in you're life, you've failed.
  • Bath - "A bad day in Bath is still better than a good day anywhere else." - Groupia.
  • Marbella - Just the mention gets us in the party mood.
Barcelona Birthday Destination

A Guide To Your 30th Birthday Weekend

If you're not quite sold on the marvellousness of this milestone, we've put together a little list of things to look forward to that'll minimise the moping. We've got plenty of birthday packages to send off those troublesome twenties with some of the sophistication you've learned from the ghost of millennial mistakes-past.

Best of Friends

Remember back in school when you were friends with everyone and your hardest decision was what game to play at lunchtime? Well, although those rose-tinted glasses suit you, isn't it so much better now you've weeded out the friendship fakery? Planning for a 30th birthday means an easy invite process because those who remain are truly deserving.

Nice Moves

We all experiment with wacky hair and questionable fashion choices when we are in our 20s, and there's nothing to stop you continuing this 'research' in your 30s, either. However, after cheap pint-fuelled nights out, we know that you've pulled some seriously strange dance moves in your time. Maybe you're a master of the dance floor? Or maybe your strengths lie in... swaying? Whatever your style, you've had years to hone your dancing skills to a socially acceptable level.

Bye-Bye Peer Pressure

Admit it, there was a time where you were more than flexible when it came to spontaneous Tuesday nights out. But now you know your mind, and your mates know theirs too, so you can plan your 30th birthday weekend on your terms without conforming to traditional party staples if that isn't your vibe. Take this opportunity to try something different free of peer pressure.

Presents - v - Presence

During your twenties, you've probably worked your butt off to afford clothes that aren't from charity shops or furniture that's not from IKEA. Hopefully, you succeeded, but we're going to take a stab in the dark and guess the memories you've made over the past decade mean more to you than the stuff in your John Lewis closet. At Groupia, we are all about the experience, and we know the memories you'll make on your 30th birthday trip will be treasured forever.

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