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50th Birthday Trip Ideas

Getting out of stuff becomes a lot easier when you can use the I'm too old excuse. This has probably been a repeated phrase in your vocabulary for the past few years, but we know as well as you do that 50 is definitely NOT too old to experience all the world has to offer in terms of birthday getaways and experiences. There is no excuse to not to outdo your 40th come the all-important 50th, and we're here to help so you won't have to lift a finger.

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For one-off 50th birthday adventures, check out our activity site AdventureClick!

Orient Express Birthday

The 9 Best 50th Birthday Activities

  • Cambridge Champagne Punt Tour - Relaxing, indulgent, and the best way to see this stunning city!
  • Guinness Tour - Dublin's must-see attraction for Guinness lovers.
  • High Tea Gin Tasting - High tea with a boozy gin twist.
  • London Eye - One to tick off the bucket list if you're taking a trip to the capital!
  • Northern Lights Tour - Take that bucket list ticking to the next level with a stunning trip to Iceland.
  • Whiskey Tour - Whiskey lovers rejoice as you go behind the scenes to get the lowdown of this delicious drink.
  • Thermae Spa Pass - Visit one of the best spas in the UK with one of the best views
  • Vineyard Tour - One for the wine lovers, if you've never done a vineyard tour before, now is as good a time as any.
  • Sunset Sailing Cruise - A taste of the A-list lifestyle as you watch the sun dip down on a stunning cruise.

The 9 Best 50th Birthday Destinations

  • Barcelona - Sun, food and dazzling architecture.
  • Reykjavik - Home of the most unforgettable experiences out there.
  • Madrid - A stylish city which is definitely worth a visit.
  • London - Because who doesn't love a weekend trip to the capital?
  • Lisbon - An underrated city with loads to do and see.
  • Valencia - What's 'yacht' to like?
  • Budapest - Celebrate and unwind in this vibrant city!
  • Oxford - The heavenly heart of the UK.
  • Albufeira - A golfers paradise!
Rome Birthday Destination

A Guide To Your 50th Birthday Weekend

Birthdays should never be boring. We don't want anyone shrugging off their 50th birthday and opting for what they do every year - telling people they've had enough birthday bashes so they're not bothered about celebrating. We've been planning group trips for a long time and we KNOW that deep down even the staunchest birthday deniers want to celebrate. So, whoever you're planning for, we've got a trip that'll trump every bash to have been before!

Our Top-Tip: Go with your gut. You know them better than we do, but we've got the gift of planning expertise to make your idea into a pretty impressive reality. And remember...

Wise Up

Everyone assumes you know what you're doing. Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but that doesn't mean you need to fall into the same routine of 'drinks and dinner' or an M&S dine in for two deal. There's no shame in that, but you can do better!

It's Not Weird, It's Quirky!

You might know more than most what it's like to go your whole life being referred to as 'weird' - we prefer 'unique'. So, for a 50th birthday, we say bring on the quirk-factor to christen the event as truly unforgettable for those who have had a pretty wacky ride so far. If they've embraced the grey with pink highlights, then they probably deserve one of our unusual, crafty or adventure experiences.

You've Got It All, Baby

Everyone knows your birthday wish list gets shorter year on year. So, what do you get someone who has it all? The world is moving away from material gifts and moving towards experience. What a way to quash the existentialism of growing older than opting for a trip to remember with all the best of family and friends!

Don't Fake It, Just Make It

Fake it until you make it is not part of your repertoire anymore. Remember when you used to pretend to like clubbing? No one actually likes clubbing, if you hadn't already noticed. A 50th birthday trip will be on the terms of someone who knows you, so you won't have to feign enjoyment when someone takes you to a bar where it's too loud to hear.

Why We're The Go-To For 50th Birthday Ideas