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21st Birthday Trip Ideas

Does the birthday boy/girl have a special affiliation to a particular place? Maybe they were born in Barcelona or spent their childhood years holidaying in Ireland. Have they always dreamed of a Parisian 21st? Or maybe they hit up the vibrant London Town whenever they can?

Search By Destination

For one-off 21st birthday adventures, check out our activity site AdventureClick!

Cocktail Mixing Birthday

The 9 Best 21st Birthday Activities

  • Cocktail Mixing - Shake, crush, pour and, most importantly, sample!
  • Beer Masterclass & Meal - As damn delicious as it sounds.
  • Quad Biking - Kick up some dust on your milestone birthday as you head off-road on some high-powered quads.
  • Brew Your Own Beer - Get hands-on as you try your hand at blending your own boozy beverage.
  • Inflatable Games - Because we're all still children at heart.
  • Escape Rooms - A far better puzzle than working out bills and rent.
  • River Cruise - For stylish groups who love a little calm before the night-out storm.
  • Tipsy Tea - Afternoon tea with a cocktail twist.
  • High Ropes Course - The sophisticated version of 'the floor is lava'.

The 9 Best 21st Birthday Destinations

  • Prague - CHEAP BEEEEEER!
  • Bath - A town with culture, creativity and craft pints.
  • Magaluf - The party starts when you get off the plane.
  • Amsterdam - Doable on a budget if you get in quick!
  • Brighton - The perfect seaside staycation.
  • Oxford - Take a 'punt' on this city and explore the river.
  • Benidorm - A golden place where the beaches are almost as big as the hangover.
  • Bristol - Off-the-wall bars, quirky boozers and a bouncing party scene.
  • Newcastle - You'll have the Tyne of your life, we swear!
Prague Birthday Destination

A Guide To Your 21st Birthday Party Weekend

After a presumably wild 18th birthday celebration, friends and family will be expecting a similar fanfare, so you simply have to do the 21st milestone justice. This is going to be a hard task, but we've got your backs through every part of the birthday trip planning process.

The Adventurous Almost-Adult

This soon to be 'real adult' has always kept one foot in the white waters of fun. They spent childhoods building forts and wielding sticks. They went their own way on adventure playgrounds and had more than their fair share of scraped knees and mud-ruined clothes. For this celebration, add some guaranteed thrills and spills with a High Ropes Course, Paintballing, Watersports or Mountain Biking.

Nightlife Lovers

Their day begins when most of us are heading home. They caught the party bug three years ago and are still riding the high of alcohol legality. When most hear 'pub', they hear 'pub crawl'. When most hear 'goodnight' they hear 'good night out'. When most hear 'booze', they hear 'booze cruise'. Anyway, you get the picture. If Cocktail Mixing, Pub Crawls, Craft Beer Tasting or Nightclub Entry sound like great 21st birthday ideas, then check out our awesome Nightlife Packages.

Masters of Craft

It's all about making right now - Pottery Workshops, Flower Crown Making, Cake Decorating and Floristry are all up there for cool crafty breaks from adulting. If the birthday guy or gal is an aspiring artist or an ardent hobbyist, give them an experience of the creative kind.

Platinum Pampering

Do you know someone on the cusp of 21 who deserves a little chill time? If they're always doing favours or putting other's above themselves, it seems like a Spa Weekend, Tipsy Tea, Mobile Makeover or River Cruise would be perfect for this selfless individual on their 21st birthday trip.

Alternative Activities

They've always been weird and wonderful. They've always surprised you and would choose madness over mundane every single time. You've probably found yourself describing them as 'unique' for lack of a better term. If you want to turn the tables and surprise them for a change - check out Inflatable Games, School Sports Day, Belly Dancing, Circus Skills or Haunted House Weekends in our quirky and crazy column to cause a few raised eyebrows and a lot, lot, lot of fun.

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