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18th Birthday Trip Ideas

An 18th birthday can come with pressure. Either you're setting the standard to which your other mates will measure their parties against, or you're planning a birthday bash to eclipse ones that have gone before. Whatever position you're in, don't fret about it! Here at Groupia, we have a load of awesome trips, activities and package getaways that'll make your celebration truly memorable. Check them out now!

Search By Destination

For one-off 18th birthday adventures, check out our activity site AdventureClick!

Spa Day Birthday

The 9 Best 18th Birthday Activities

  • Bubble Football - Score mega points by organising this bestseller.
  • Harry Potter Tour - Spellbinding fun for wizarding fans.
  • Quad Biking - Perfect if the pink license still alludes!
  • Paintballing - A great way to dispel school-life stresses.
  • Spa Day - A classic when it comes to nailing the 18th birthday.
  • Pamper Party - Think of the hilarious face mask Instagram shots!
  • School Sports Day - What a way to send off the school years.
  • Go Karting - A little healthy competition always pleases all.
  • Beer Tasting - If they've all got IDs then this will be a belter!

The 9 Best 18th Birthday Destinations

  • Newcastle - An awesome party city with loads to explore!
  • Bath - You say spa, we hear Bath. Luxury living and pampering aplenty.
  • London - Time to explore the big city with best friends.
  • Brighton - So much to do on a buzzing seaside weekend retreat.
  • Manchester - Combine culture and a vibrant nightlife to discover.
  • Bristol - Possibly the coolest city in the country.
  • Amsterdam - The ideal escape from college and big uni decision stress.
  • Edinburgh - Instagram heaven with a masterful city-country blend.
  • Dublin - Where better to flaunt the new I.D?!
Newcastle Birthday Destination

A Guide To Your 18th Birthday Party Weekend

We know every birthday is special, but an 18th marks the start of many milestones to come. We love any excuse for a celebration, but an 18th birthday experience is extra worthy because the freedom tastes pretty good and this is their first chance to bite down properly.

Navigate The Confidence Cloak

Although your loved one might still be a baby in your eyes, they probably see themselves as a boss with life all sussed out. Luckily, you get to have a laugh as you watch the confidence cloak begin to lift and life-panic ensue. But, for now, it's probably best to live their fantasy with them and plan an 18th birthday with the sophistication they feel in mind. Think pamper, spa, 3-course meals or afternoon tea.

Don't Forget...

Unless you're planning a late-summer trip, make sure to check everyone in the group has a valid ID before booking anything with an 18+ limit. We state age limits or any other conditions on all of our activities, so just have a quick double-check (or ask us!).

Trump Tradition

The experience gift is where it's at. On the 18th birthday gift Googling quest, you might come across classics like jewellery, watches, maybe even a car or other material presents, but giving the gift of an experience day or getaway makes for memories that'll last way longer than any of these. Time for a new tradition, we think.

Kids At Heart

Novelty ideas aren't to be sniffed at when it comes to organising an 18th birthday trip. Inflatable Games, School Sports Day and Bubble Football are all examples of activities that will score highly on the desirability scale. Best to make the most of these retro experiences whilst the group's young enough to bounce back from inflatable carnage.

Get Personal

Nothing will impress your loved one more than receiving an experience gift that shows you really know them. Think back on their childhood; is there something they've always dreamed of doing? Or somewhere they've always dreamed of going? This is the time to tailor a trip to your individual almost-adult.

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