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DASHBOARD - System Overview & Updates

See all your bookings at a glance from your smartphone, so you'll have your diary with you whenever and wherever you need it. See upcoming bookings at a glance, quick access to your calendar/bookings diary and see your total number of bookings all from your smartphone.

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CALENDAR - Online Booking Diary

Check by day, week, month or year to keep you one step ahead of bookings and busy periods. View your bookings and update client contact and event details. Manage and confirm your Groupia and direct bookings plus other agency or external bookings all in one easy to use app.

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PRODUCTS - Take Control

Create and edit new or existing products and deals allowing you to update your suppliers and agencies in one go. Manage existing products, propose new products, confirm/update pricing and details, you can do it all in one go. You can also manage multiple products by location.

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A great system that helps ensure a smooth booking process for us and the client.


Connect is a very simple and easy to use system that helps us organise our bookings much easier.


Great service, can't fault them at all.


Very good system, all clear and easy to navigate.

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COMPANY & SITE DETAILS - Keep Details & Staff Updated

Stay on top of all your company and staff details and make instant updates and edits from your office or on the move. Manage specific site/location information and details. Update payment preferences, insurance documents and supplier agreements to keep others informed.

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REPORTS - Identify Trends, Aid Strategy

Monitor your most popular products and deals to spot trends and selling/marketing hotspots. Analyse key data such as; completed Groupia bookings, total number of guests, received payments. Review by month/year/selected timescale, product or destination.

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It's the complete, easy to use event management system you can operate from your office desktop or from your smartphone while on the move, keeping you CONNECTED whenever and wherever you need.

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