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Once we have received your enquiry, we aim to get a quote back to you within 24 hours. This can take a little longer if the enquiry is submitted over the weekend or if the requirements need additional attention. To discuss your requirements immediately, please call us on 01225 474200.

All of our quotes are priced on a per person basis. If a package has been based on an element with a single set cost, this will be clearly stated on your quote.

If transfers are included in your package, they will be clearly detailed in your quote. If you see no mention of transfers in your quote, they're not included. If you're unsure, please contact your Destination Specialist for clarification.

If your quote is not quite what you want or you want to make changes, please email or call your Destination Specialist (their details will be on the bottom of your quote), and they'll be happy to work with you to create the perfect package.

Once you're ready to proceed, all we need is an initial booking deposit (£50 as standard), which will secure your quote at the agreed rate. This can be paid online by following the link in your quote, or, alternatively, you can call the office on 01225 474200 and pay the deposit over the phone. You will then receive an emailed booking confirmation confirming your chosen package, as well as an introductory e-mail from your Event Manager outlining the next steps.

We appreciate that things change as plans progress, so we just need to know your maximum group size at the point of booking. Your guests will then typically have up to 1 month to each pay an individual deposit, which will secure their place on the event. After this, any unpaid places can no longer be guaranteed.

Guests' deposit payments will be deducted from their final balance (generally due 6 weeks prior to your event, which is when we'll need to know your final numbers). Please note that these timeframes may differ where special terms apply. Full details of all payment deadlines can be found on your booking confirmation.

Our standard terms require an initial deposit of £50 to secure your package, followed by a further £50pp within 1 month of booking from all members of your party. Please note that these details may vary depending on your chosen itinerary.

Once you've placed your deposit and your package has been confirmed, you'll be emailed a booking confirmation confirming the booking and detailing your itinerary.

We know that plans can change, so we will always do our best to accommodate booking amendments where possible. If you wish to make any changes to your package, please contact your Event Manager as soon as possible to discuss this.


Once you've received your booking confirmation, your event is secured. Your next step is to log in to your online VIP area and create your guest list by doing one of the following:
1) Copy and paste the sign-up link provided into your group chat, so that your guests can register themselves at their convenience.
2) Manually add your guests' names and e-mail addresses to your ''My Group & Payment' tab and follow the instructions to generate an e-mail/SMS invite. Your guests will then have until the deadline confirmed in your booking confirmation (typically up to 1 month) to pay off their individual deposits and secure their place on the event.

We appreciate that numbers may change, which is why we give your guests up to a month to confirm their attendance on your event. All our packages are based on a minimum group size, details of which can be found on your quote and booking confirmation, so please be aware that if numbers drop below this, your package price may be affected. If your numbers increase, please let your Event Manager know immediately so they can check availability for the extra guest/s.

Balance payments are normally due 6 weeks before your event, but this can be different depending on the elements of your package like self-catering, flights, etc. Your balance deadline will be clearly displayed on your booking confirmation email and online in your VIP area.

We'll always do our best, but this is subject to availability. Prices may vary, and supplement charges may apply (as detailed below).

If you want to make an amendment (change date or timings, add more guests, change location, change activity) within 42-35 days of your event, you will incur a £25 admin charge.

If you want to make an amendment (change date or timings, add more guests, change location, change activity) with less than 35 days of your event, you will incur a £50 admin charge.

If you need to cancel, no problem - we understand that things can change. All deposits are non-refundable, and non-transferable so if we can help you amend the package to avoid cancellation we will. We try and offer as much flexibility as possible to help you when circumstances change but if you have a self-catering property this may limit your options. Please note: any other payments will need to be reviewed in line with our terms and conditions.

The booking form is a legal requirement and needs to be submitted prior to your event. The booking form can be found in your VIP area and will be released for completion once you have received your final balance receipt. We will be unable to release your full itinerary until this has been complete.

It's not a problem to have odd numbers (or odd people?) in your group, however, some hotels may apply a supplement charge for a single room if a triple room is not available. Please contact your Event Manager if you have any concerns.

No problem. You are permitted up to 3 variations on the full package, giving you a maximum of 4 package options overall. Any variations will need to be discussed with your Event Manager so that they can quote these for you and make them available for selection in your VIP area.

No, we always aim to make our event pricing as simple as possible, avoiding any hidden unforeseen costs. But always consider extras you might need during your weekend like parking, meals, drinks, etc.

Please be aware, if you wish to make an amendment to your event (change date or timings, add more guests, change location, change activity) within 42 days of your event, admin fees apply.

As an ABTA and ATOL bonded tour operator, we always recommend that each member of your party takes out an adequate level of travel insurance.

Travel Insurance from £4.66

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This will depend on your specific package (for example, whether or not you have booked one of our self-catered properties). Please contact your Event Manager if you would like to discuss postponing your event.

Yes, your balance deadline will move in line with the date of your event. Your new balance deadline will be detailed on your revised booking confirmation.


If one of your guests is not able to attend your new event date, their deposit will unfortunately be forfeit; however, we will be able to provide a refund for any other payments made. Please be sure to check that your minimum number requirements will still be met, as failure to meet your minimum numbers may result in a supplement for the remaining guests. If you are able to find a replacement for the guest who has dropped out, we will happily offer a name change on their place, free of charge. In this case, please contact your Event Manager so they can send across the relevant form.

In some cases this may be possible, so please contact your Event Manager to check if you are eligible for a balance extension.

VIP Area

Simply log in to your VIP area, click on the 'My Group & Payments' tab and follow the instructions to create your guest list. Don't worry if you don't know everyone's email addresses by heart, you can send them the sign up link so they can register themselves!

Unfortunately, it's not possible to split the cost of the Bride/Groom's place by simply increasing each attendee's package price, but any member of your party can log in and make payment on his/her behalf. Simply head to the 'My Payments' tab, click the 'Pay for Someone Else' button and then check the relevant box to the right of his/her name, before proceeding to 'Pay Now'. Please note: to do this, the required deposit needs to be paid before any instalment payments can be made. Any member of the group can make the deposit payment for the Bride/Groom.

To help you out, automatic payment reminders will be sent out to all guests listed on your VIP area. If you don't want the Bride/Groom to receive these e-mails, just select that they are the Bride/Groom and you won’t need to add an email address or phone number for them.

You will be able to hide the itinerary from the Bride/Groom when you log onto the VIP area. Click on ‘My Event’, then ‘Itinerary’ and you will be able to see an option to hide the itinerary from the Bride/Groom. This will mean that they will be able to use the VIP to make payment but not see any information in relation to the event, they will; however, be able to see the rough location (i.e. Liverpool) and the dates.

Please ensure you add the Bride/Groom to your guest list, otherwise they will not be included in your final numbers!

If you are using the VIP area, it is possible to pay instalments after you have paid your initial deposit. The minimum payment accepted is £5 and all instalments must be in multiples of 5 (£10, £15, £20 etc). You can make instalment payments by clicking the appropriate box to the left of your name. If you have chosen to collect the payment on behalf of your group, this needs to be paid in one lump sum balance.

Please log in to your VIP area, click on the 'My Group & Payments' tab and indicate which guest/s you'd like to contact by ticking the boxes to the left of their names. Scroll down to the 'Send Message' button at the bottom of the page and select the relevant reminder option from the dropdown. A pop-up will appear and you just need to click the 'Send Message' button.

We are unfortunately unable to accept individual payments over the phone. If you are unable to pay online via your VIP area for any reason, please contact your group's organiser and arrange for them (or another guest) to make payment on your behalf.

Yes, all listed attendees can log in and make payment on behalf of other guests. Simply head to the 'My Group & Payments' tab, click the 'Pay for Someone Else' button and then check the relevant box to the right of the guest's name, before proceeding to 'Pay Now'.

It's not possible to add a guest to the system without a valid e-mail address, so you will need to ask the individual/s in question to provide a friend or family member's e-mail if they don't have their own address (provided they have permission). In this case, someone will need to make payment on their behalf.

We understand that circumstances can change, so we will always do our best to help. If you wish to change destination, please contact your Event Manager as soon as possible to discuss your options.

If this is the case, it's probably because you have booked/attended another event with us previously or are a guest on more than one event with us. After logging in, please head to the 'Home' tab and click on the correct event.

Full details of your event will be available in the 'My Itinerary' tab of your VIP area roughly three weeks prior to your event. If you require any specific information earlier than this, please contact your Event Manager and they may be able to provide this. Please note some venues are not provided until later in the process.

Yes! You will need to make sure that they are added onto the guest list if using the VIP portal, otherwise they will not be included in your final numbers. If you don’t want them to see anything we suggest using a secondary email address of your own to register them.

On Your Event

Yes the Groupia emergency out of hours number can be found on your group's itinerary in your VIP area. If you are travelling to one of our European Destinations, you will also find the local number of our Ground Agents on your itinerary.

We'll always do our best to accommodate any last-minute amendments, but this may incur a £50 admin fee. Unfortunately, it's not possible to make any amendments within 3 days of the event.

No, it's not possible to bring someone along on the day. Groupia cannot take any legal responsibility for an additional guests outside of the confirmed booking arrangements.

It's always best to check this on your itinerary information or with your Event Manager. You're not permitted to bring food or drink to any of our evening venues unless agreed with the venue in advance.

Bring a brolly! If severe weather causes your activity to be cancelled, you will be contacted by either the supplier of the activity or your Event Manager, and will be entitled to a refund of this element of your package. Some of our multi-activity venues may be able to offer an alternative activity. If you accept the change, Groupia will not be able to offer you any refund for the original cancelled activity.

If you're running late for an activity while on your weekend, please call the venue on the number provided in your VIP area.


Once you've been on your weekend, you'll receive an email from your Event Manager asking you for feedback. Click on the link which will take you to your VIP area and simply complete the online feedback form.

Yes, and it can save/make you money. For every person you refer who books a Groupia weekend, you will receive cashback of up to £50 (dependent on the new package booked), and they will receive a free place on their booking (T&Cs apply). On your VIP Area, you will find a unique referral code to share with your friends. Please make sure they quote this when booking.

Yes please! We love to see your group pics, we promise not to point and laugh. You can send any photos to your Event Manager or tag us on Instagram @stagweb @gohen_com

Yes please! It's great to hear your thoughts, you can post a review/testimonial on Trustpilot or Google reviews. We appreciate all your comments.

Credit Notes

We understand that things change, and in the rare instances they do and you need to cancel, meaning you absolutely cannot reclaim your money through your insurance, you may qualify for Groupia Credit. Groupia Credit allows you to use your payments towards a new, future Groupia event. Just remember though to always get insurance - whether you're travelling with us or anyone else, see here for some tips on insurance.

When you have to cancel events outside of standard cancellation terms and deposit money can be recovered from our suppliers(unless any special conditions apply).

You can cancel any time, but with a Groupia Credit, it's a win-win because it means you will not lose any deposits paid (depending on availability and price increases due to factors like seasonal variations). If you are a bulk cancellation, you can even use it towards booking exactly the same event.

It's certainly possible, but the truth is we can't guarantee it. Availability may no longer be there, trading terms and prices may have changed, we may no longer have a Supplier Agreement and all the necessary insurance confirmations. We would never take a risk with your finances, health or safety. Our teams will always talk you through the best options.

Yes they do, standard terms of booking plus specific Groupia Credit Terms, see here.

In order to process your credit, you will need to advise your Event Manager in writing that you wish to cancel your event. At the moment, it's as simple as that. In the future, this may be updated to a VIP Area function. Remember, though, please cancel as soon as you can and in writing, so you do not fall into standard cancellation terms and miss the Groupia Credit opportunity.

Internally, your event brief will be prioritised for Credit. Group finances will be reviewed and then a credit will be raised which will appear in your VIP Area.

At this stage no, it's all part of the service. If that changes, we'll update it here - another good reason to get your Credit in as soon as possible.

The Groupia Credit you receive will be dependent on the itinerary of your booked event and the amount you paid.

It will display in your VIP Area, it is unique to you.

You will receive your credit within 14 days of request. You will receive an email confirming your credit amount.

Yes, your credit note will have a expiration date, usually the end of the current year. This doesn't mean your event needs to be in the same year, but it must be used towards a new booking before the expiration date.

When you come to book your event, simply let your Destination Specialist know you'd like to use your credit and they will apply it to your booking. Please be sure to mention it so we can allocate and ensure no oversight occurs in the booking process. (Please note the online use of a credit is currently in development.)

Profile page of your VIP Area. There will also be a link in your credit notification email.

Across all Groupia platforms. There are no arrangements in place to use it with any external organisations at this time. If that changes, we will update you as soon as they become live.

General Questions

Groupia is a UK based tour operator specialising in group travel and events both in the UK and abroad. Our philosophy is to provide unrivalled hassle-free experiences to an impeccable standard.

Groupia Logos

Groupia HQ Address:
30-32 Westgate Buildings

ABTA are a travel industry regulator whose members must comply with strict customer care and financial insurance protocols. Groupia are fully ABTA bonded providing you with the highest level of financial and consumer protection available. For more details please visit ABTA.

Groupia have over 20 years experience and have sent over 700,000 groups out. Booking with us takes the hassle out of your event planning as we'll do all the hard work for you and work to save you money.

Yes, we are fully bonded against financial failure via ABTA which means your money is 100% protected. You can travel in complete confidence knowing we're bound by the highest travel standards. It's as simple as that.

For more details, please see ABTA's website here.

This all depends on the country that you are travelling to. We recommend frequently checking the FCDO page on the Government website. This has all the up-to-date information regarding restrictions for each country. Please ask your Event Manager if you have any specific concerns.

Government Foreign Travel Advice

If there are any issues with your flights, please speak to your airline providers in the first instance to determine the options available to you.

If you inform us of your flights being cancelled/amended outside of our cancellation terms (i.e. before your final balance is due), we should be able to reschedule your event or offer a refund of any instalment and balance payments should you choose to cancel completely.

If, however, you advise us of a flight cancellation/amendment inside our cancellation terms (i.e. after your balance deadline) and your event is set to proceed as scheduled, then the ground arrangements (your accommodation and activities etc.) will remain valid and we will be unable to provide a refund. In this instance, we will do our best to arrange a postponement, but please be aware that this cannot be guaranteed, in which case you will need to make a claim with your travel insurance providers. We will be able to provide documentation to help support your claim.

Unfortunately not if the event is able to proceed as scheduled; however, when making a payment via our online portal, you will see that we now have an option to insure your transaction with our partners, 'Protect Group'. This insurance covers cancellation in the event of personal illness or injury etc., so may be worth considering if this is a concern. Please see the following terms for more details: https://www.refundable.me/groupia/. Alternatively, we advise all passengers to take out some form of travel insurance to protect them.

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Travel Insurance from £4.66

We have partnered with Just Travel Cover to take care of all your travel insurance needs:

  • Flight delays
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  • Cancellation if you can't travel
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100% Financial Protection

We operate under the highest levels of industry standards so that all our guests get the best financial protection. All the Groupia family are both ABTA (No W7797) and ATOL (11011) bonded, so not only can you pay less with Groupia, you'll also worry less. That leaves you to focus on the more important things... Like having fun!