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Do you want to maximise your property's potential?

With Groupia, you'll get unrestricted access to the enormous UK group travel market and all of the opportunities that go with it. No stress. No fees. No fuss.

We'll market your property, deal with the clients, and handle all the bookings whilst you keep full control.

You'll easily be able to manage your listings via your online supplier portal as well as update your calendar, push any last-minute availability, plus a whole lot more. It's so simple.

Here at Groupia, we've sent over 700,000 people off on big group events to date and are growing year on year with a massive audience of 6 million website visitors per annum. Don't miss out!

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Groupia Reviews

"As soon as my property went live I was receiving bookings! It was so quick and easy to get setup with Groupia. Thanks to your team for getting the page set up so easy."

MZA | Property owner

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When you sign up to Groupia, you also get FREE access to our online supplier portal (Groupia Connect), where you can manage all your bookings easily!

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Groupia Reviews

What others said...

"We have an excellent working relationship and long may that continue."

Sian | CWS Events

"Looking forward to their continued support and bookings in the future years to come."

Will | Max Events

What we need from you...

Preferential rates All we ask for is a slightly reduced rate to start sending you groups.

Your property info Simply add your property details and our team will set to work getting you online.

A little paperwork A simple signed Groupia agreement, copy of your public liability insurance and property details.

Your Questions Answered

Listing with Groupia is FREE. We don’t charge commission; instead, we simply ask for a discounted net rate. We don’t accept accommodation-only bookings, so your property will be packaged up alongside daytime activities and evening entertainment and we put our margin on top.

Groupia Other booking platforms

Holding deposit

You'll get a percentage of the total booking value shortly after booking (typically 25-33%)

No deposit taken

Flexible terms

Negotiable cancellation deadline (typically 28-42 days in advance)

Late cancellations costing you money

Final payment in advance

Remaining balance paid when the booking is finalised

Payment often received after check-out

Assistance with security deposits

We help you set up and take a security deposit before check-in

Little assistance and risk of damages going unpaid

Hassle-free client management

We deal with the customer for you

You deal with customer directly, taking up valuable time

Direct line to our friendly team

Advice and support available whenever you need it

Impersonal service

  • Company name / name/s of Sole Trader/s
  • Company number (if applicable)
  • Registered company address
  • VAT number (if applicable)
  • A signed supplier agreement (we will call you to discuss / finalise the terms)
  • A copy of your public liability insurance (minimum indemnity cover of £2 million)
  • Property details (these can be added via our supplier portal once we've generated your company profile)
  • iCal links (if available)
  • Access to high res images (and video footage if you have it)

Once you're signed up and have sent across all the items listed under the previous section, we will aim to get your new, unique webpage/s online within 10 days.

To get started, simply click the button below to fill out our supplier sign-up form and we will take it from there!

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