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While our main focus has always been organising unforgettable events, we've always taken an eco-friendly approach in most things we do, and, though far from perfect, we've made commitments over the years to reduce our environmental impact.

Now, post-Covid, it's time to go deeper.

The pandemic has been a horrible and harsh time for the hospitality industry, nonetheless, sustainability is crucial to all our futures and we should all be making an exceptional commitment regardless of restriction and constraint, wherever and whenever possible.

At Groupia, we're stepping into an age of upscaled commitment to sustainability across operations, as well as in our internal and external relationships. It is, in our opinion, undoubtedly the right thing to do.

A revitalised and consistent approach to sustainability is something we need to take the time to accommodate, besides which there are some pretty painless tweaks we can all make.

This is the first article in a series that we're going to share and make available to anybody that can also benefit.

We have to start somewhere and put a stake in the ground, and we consider that we have 4 main opportunities to make an impact.

  1. In-house > Staff & Premises
  2. In-house > Our own supply chain
  3. External > Supply chain
  4. External > Client education & advice

To do that, we've communicated our goals across the senior team for joint approval and to get early input, to challenge, and to define tasks and allocate responsibilities. The senior team will ensure that sustainability remains on our regular agenda alongside all commercial commitments.

Our first steps...

  1. Review where we are currently, what we are doing, and where the obvious gaps are/opportunities for improvement.
  2. Research what advice, tools and initiatives are available, highlighting new opportunities for achievable improvement.

From the above review, we'll get an early roadmap and gap analysis of where we are against where we should aspire to be in the short, medium and long term.

Tasks after the above include...

  1. Staff education, feedback & commitment
  2. Office & premises changes
  3. Reviewing our own customer-facing events & services
  4. Reviewing & providing useful resources to our supply chain
  5. Client education & feedback

You can read more about the above in our article - 11 Ways to Immediately Make Your Workplace More Sustainable

We hope the following resources may be of use to you...

If you have any tips or recommendations yourselves, please send them into hello@groupia.com.