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The blueprint to a legendary lads getaway.


Really, you need a reason? It's not only fun it's good for your health - fact! (See genuine boffin facts here). You get to rip into your mates & tell all your old stories & hilarious jokes ... again! And they don't care what you look like, what you eat, drink or how you smell. A rare & welcome window of life as it should be lived.

Time of year:

Any, as often as you can. Doesn't always have to be a biggie but you should o it regularly.

Weekend or in the week:

Weekends are great because you can get a good runway with the fun police, just get it in early.

When to avoid:

No rules here, it should be some of the best fun of the year whatever the weather so anytime is good!

Kit required:

Only applicable if you're "doing stuff" like golf or other sports, or have night time plans that involve smart dress. Otherwise a toothbrush & some nurofen!


1 or 2 or 7, the rules are when it comes to lads weekends there are no set rules. Just make sure you leave enough time to recover.


UK & most countries approved by the Foreign Office, the world gents is your fun loving oyster!


Throw in a theme & a few sporting but harmless challenges, ramp up the fun.

Easy steps to planning

Step 1 - Consult the Cookbook & Theme

Yes cookbook, not lookbook. Just stick with us here for a paragraph or 2, we're excited. Forget your mood boards & magazines here we're interested in lads stuff. And that doesn't mean we have to go all macho but it does mean we have to be group smart & with a bunch of guys that means daytime + evening fun + a few welcome degrees of comfort & a price / value that sits well with even the Yorkshirman in the pack. Do something you always do that everyone likes ("banker") or do something new ("challenger"). Chill or get adventurous - the choice gentlemen is yours!

Step 2 - Prep the ingredients

If you're making a great dish you need quality ingredients (every decent chef from Fanny Craddock to Crabby Ramsay knows that), the same is true of a weekend, but the most important thing is that the backdrop fits the company. With the right people you can have fun anywhere doing the simplest things, our tip - just make sure the dish you guys are cooking up suits everybody's taste, not everybody wants to do the same thing. For example despite being great weekends for some, golf or fishing are not everybody's cup of joe. With some groups you do have to plan wider to make it a fit, as a rule make sure your location offers you what you need to have a great time across the group. You don't even have to go out, many weekends just book a base & let it roll from there while others absolutely cram as much into this oasis of opportunity they can. We're here to help so just tell us what you need & we'll take care of it, to keep going with the cooking theme think of us as the chef that works for you. You pick the dish & we'll serve you up something fit for kings.

Step 3 - It's baking time

Too much? Can't seem to stop... Here we really mean "tell the guys", because despite early enthusiasm guys can be pretty useless & slow to respond at times. To get them off the ground successful lads' weekends demand early planning, decent follow up & buy-in from the boys. Once you've decided to go ahead you can easily coordinate the planning from your online VIP area - yes you get one, you can look like a boss. You can even send invites, make changes & arrange individual payments so you don't have to cover anyone unless you want to. To get this off the ground, you've got to get the guys to take early action otherwise it'll be the typical "one that got away" & you won't getaway! Don't be that guy. An annual lads event is genuinely one of the weekends the boys look forward to most & its so easy to drop out of touch for so many reasons & before you know it you haven't seen your best mates for a couple of years. With one life those maths just don't add up, sounds all wrong. Don't be those guys, be the guys that ensure they keep up, even if it's once a year - & then make it an annual event.

Step 4 - Tuck In

Just get out there & have a great time! Make memories, take photos, share a great time.

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