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100th Birthday Trip Ideas

Now, there was once a time where the idea of living to 100 was unfathomable, but these days, it's actually surprisingly common. The Queen's poor hands must be pretty tired from signing all those centenarian birthday cards at the rate of this milestone being reached. The landmark 100th birthday is quite possibly the most important and special one of all, and it sounds like it's about time for a celebration to suit someone with 100 years of party experience. A tough ask, maybe, but we're sure we can sort you out!

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How To Celebrate a 100th Birthday

There's only one way to celebrate a hundredth birthday and that's in style! People say 18th, 21st and 50th birthdays are all major milestones, but notching up a landmark century is nothing short of spectacular. It's never too late to try something new and whilst scaling the side of the O2 in London or paragliding in Slovenia may be out of the question, there are plenty of awesome experiences out there for the centenarians to try!

  • Hot Air Ballooning - Celebrate this monumental milestone with a truly colossal adventure. See your city from up high as you continue to climb the age scale!
  • Spa Experience - A self-care Spa Experience is the ultimate happiness enforcer and therefore MUST lead to a longer life. Either way, we can't say no to a trip to the spa. Who can?!
  • Wine Tasting - Whilst they've probably had their fair share of wine in their lifetime, a 100th birthday is a perfect excuse to try more.
  • Pamper Party - Maybe this is one just for the ladies - it's a fantastic way to relax and rejuvenate! You'll be feeling 21 all over again after a wonderful pamper session.
  • Escape Room - With 100 years of life experience in the bank, an Escape Room should be no problem! Crack the codes, unriddle the riddles and escape tot victory.
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How Can You Make This Birthday Stand Out?

The number of centenarians worldwide averages at roughly 315,000 (approximately the population of Newcastle) and each of these individuals are special to family and friends spread across the globe. You might think by 100 you've experienced all there is to see and do when it comes to birthdays, but of course, this isn't the case!

Debunk Assumptions

Many elderly people are a lot fitter in mind and body than your average lazy teen or idle 20-something. Don't assume the times of long walks, exciting day trips or pub visits are gone. Turns out, they're probably less afraid of an adventure than you are!

100 Years of Style

Just 'cus they grew up in a different era, don't think the trends of the past century have gone by unnoticed. Tastes evolve all the time and no one should miss out on the next foodie fashion, sporting craze or clothing trend.

Regress For The Day

If you're a good listener you've probably taken in a whole host of info about your loved one over the years. Use these childhood stories to plan a 100th birthday party that'll take them back to their youth or favourite era.

And, finally, don't forget the cake! Extra points for fitting 100 candles on a Viccy-sponge. It can be done.

Secrets For Living To Triple Digits

There are so many wild and wacky theories about how centenarians have lived to the big, big, BIG 1-0-0. Some of them seem a little farfetched but, hey, if it gets us healthily to triple digits then who's one to judge?

Keep Moving

It's drilled into us from a young age that a healthy lifestyle equates to a long life. This means eating well, of course, but for most centenarians, they say that keeping moving is the secret to an extra-long life. Walk every day and refuse to give in to the sedate lifestyle that starts to appeal as you age.

Be Nice

If you put positivity into the world you are more likely to receive positivity back. Being nice to others leads to a happier life, and happiness means a longer life for most. So crack a smile and start embracing the lighter side of life.

Cheeky Tipple

Many people who have lived into their 100th year are adamant that a daily tipple is the secret to living long. A G&T at 4 o'clock every day or a bottle of beer with dinner could keep you feeling young. We'll drink to that and hope our livers are as sturdy as theirs!

The Single Life

Yes, supposedly the secret to a long life is staying single! No arguments over what to watch on the tele or whose turn it is to put the bins out - looking after number one is the secret to longevity!

Brunching Before It Was Cool

Take your favourite foods and make sure to have a killer brekky each morning if you want to live as long as our centenarian friends. Porridge, honey, eggs, bacon, berries and coffee all rank pretty highly on the scale of living longevity.